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Jordan Creek Freedom Farm Academy in NW Arkansas

ABOUT | Jordan Creek

The Richardsons purchased 17 acres of land in a valley just south of Lincoln, Arkansas in 2021. The first couple years included cleaning up some dumpsites and old fences on the property, installing a pond, remodeling a small cabin, building an outdoor kitchen, starting a garden and raising chickens and bees. As it now transitions to a Freedom Farm Academy in 2023 we will focus on adding a permaculture food forest, a demonstration and healing center, a supply center and so much more. We plan to become a place for people to experience first-hand what it looks like to grow and prepare food, care for our planet and feel great. These ideas will apply to homesteads, but more importantly to anyone with a yard or balcony and a desire to learn and be part of a like-minded community.

OPPORTUNITY | Operations Manager

Optimal Start Date: June 1, 2023
Compensation: $25-$50/hour based on experience. Partnership opportunity also available.

Core Values:

  • Integrity – Do what is right, open and honest
  • Entrepreneurship – Passion to learn, try and succeed
  • Abundance mindset – See the world as abundant and desire to work together to help people
  • Honor God’s creation – Love and care for people, animals, plants and the environment
  • Value freedom – Aware of the attack on freedom and desire freedom for all people

    Primary Roles:

    Oversee, understand, install and maintain all aspects of the JC Property.

    Apply the 12 permaculture principles to the maintenance and evolution of the property, including:

      • Freedom Farm Academy
      • Irrigation/water systems
      • Buildings
      • Energy Sources
      • Livestock


    • Prepare information for and lead tours and educational classes
    • Build local strategic partnerships, invite them to lead events & demonstrate offerings on-site
    • Welcome and interact with Hip Camp and AirB&B guests
    • Work with Healing Center Partner to integrate healing information and opportunities into tours and
    • Lead & manage private contractors as needed
    • Understand and manage health and safety requirements
    • Document, delegate and elevate above roles to new partners or private contractors in order to free
      up time for additional opportunities and revenue streams.
    • Participate in establishing a Freedom Farm Academy in Iowa if time or desire is there.

    Supply Center:

    • Source and maintain products and supplies for the center.
    • Operate the supply center including marketing plants and produce, and establishing retail
    • Design Food Forests for customers and source local partners to install them

    Desired skills:

    • Certified and experience in designing permaculture plans

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