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Dedicated to freedom - for food, health and life.



Jordan Creek Freedom Farm Academy

The Richardsons purchased 17 acres of land in a valley just south of Lincoln, Arkansas in 2021. The first couple years included cleaning up some dumpsites and old fences on the property, installing a pond, remodeling a small cabin, building an outdoor kitchen, starting a garden and raising chickens and bees. As it now transitions to a Freedom Farm Academy in 2023 we will focus on adding a permaculture food forest, a demonstration and healing center, a supply center and so much more. We plan to become a place for people to experience first-hand what it looks like to grow and prepare food, care for our planet and feel great. These ideas will apply to homesteads, but more importantly to anyone with a yard or balcony and a desire to learn and be part of a like-minded community.

By the way… Who are we??

Alan and Lori Richardson both grew up on traditional farms in Iowa and held different positions working in the agricultural industry. About 12 years ago several different health concerns and frustrating experiences with the medical industry led them down a path to discover more natural forms of healing. They discovered that the process to source quality food and find like-minded physicians was a rocky and often expensive way to go. Fast forward to 2020, the Richardsons’ concern about individual freedom and the state of the world led them to seek a “prepping” lifestyle. However, they soon realized that true freedom can only be achieved collectively. They teamed up with Food Forest Abundance, who share their passion for permaculture, off-grid living, and alternative healing, to build a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to creating a better world. Through this partnership they aim to establish a collaborative space where people can work towards a sustainable and equitable future with a balance between freedom and community. Their motto is “Love the World…Start with your Neighbor” which embodies their desire to promote positivity, unity and an abundance mindset.

Partnered with the best

Food Forest Abundance

A team of professional permaculture designers and installers around the world that help people grow their own food, turning lawns into food forests. By leveraging the science of permaculture (permanent agriculture) and by working in harmony with nature, Food Forest Abundance teams design and install beautiful edible landscapes that yield incredible amounts of healthy and pesticide free food, while also strengthening communities and growing freedom.

Partenered with Food Forest Abundance!

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Our farm and healing center are under construction and we hope you will join us on a tour to learn about what we are doing. Come and catch a vision for how you can join this movement. Tours last for one hour followed by a time for Q&A. Pack a lunch or snack and enjoy some time by the creek or pond before you leave. Better yet, book a hip camp site and spend the night! 


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Jordan Creek Freedom Farm Academy is organized as a Private Membership Association (PMA). Become a member by registering when you arrive and paying the yearly dues of $1. This special offer will go until we officially open our doors and have our Grand Opening.

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Jordan Creek Freedom Farm Academy

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We are expanding our 17 acre homestead to become a Freedom Farm Academy where you will experience a food forest, healing center, off-grid living demos and some small animals. It is currently a fairly open pasture surrounded by a view of Ozark Mountains. We are bordered on one side by Jordan Creek and have a one acre pond. We want to invite people to enjoy our space as it is and come back to see how it transforms over the next year or two. We offer a tour of our property that shares about our history and the Academy. In the near future we plan to offer permaculture classes and optional healing therapies. 

Located in Lincoln, Arkansas