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Barbacena - MG, Brazil

About | Regenerative Field of Fazenda Jacob

Fazenda Jacob is a vanguard agricultural project in Brazil aiming to establish and advance regenerative practices among farmers in the Atlantic Forest region of Minas Gerais. The farm has over 200 years of tradition and work dedicated to food production and is now entering a new trajectory in which the farm is converting its 500 acres of land to regenerative systems while maintaining 30% of the land as protected native forest. This model farm aims to be a self-sustainable economic regenerative agriculture system and will become a cornerstone for education and transformation for the local agricultural community. This example will demonstrate the positive effects of applying regenerative farming techniques, and spread knowledge about the process through ongoing educational efforts, such as workshops and an internship program for local farmers and students.

Starting in the last quarter of 2020, the farm converted 3 acres of its land into an experimental agroforestry plot project called the Regenerative Field of Fazenda Jacob where research and education takes place. The objective of this pilot project was to create the foundation for the transition the farm is about to embark on. Today, the Regenerative Field of Fazenda Jacob is registered with the Brazilian government as an organic production, employs 2 full time workers, has hosted over many 40 hour workshops and receives volunteers and students from all corners of the world.

Opportunity | Live OnSite, Farm Operator

LOCATION : Barbacena – MG, Brazil

Our family is looking for a passionate, dedicated, and hardworking individual to become our Farm Operator, that will take ownership of the experiential farm and lead the way in expanding operations to new areas and providing the best experiences for the public. Lead a small team of fellow farmers in bed prep, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, washing vegetables, farmers market, food distributions and greenhouse work. Some independent work expected, especially farm walks, observing and responding to ever changing farm conditions. We understand that the right individual may not currently be in our area so relocation will be facilitated as well as temporary housing for up to six months upon further discussion.


  • Regenerative Visioning – Plan Development – Implementation
  • Supervise and direct the work of farm staff
  • Crop planning and online farm recordkeeping
  • Maintain a daily work log to plan and record details of fieldwork accomplished, including a weekly report
  • Develop a crop plan consistent with organic standards and transitioning to a more regenerative approach to achieve harvest goals
  • Maintain an inventory of seeds and other supplies
  • Participate in staff meetings and periodic strategic planning activities
  • Help and support international and national volunteers working on the land
  • Assist with farm tours and educational efforts
  • Manage all farming activities & components associated with the:
        • Multispecies Livestock Herd (Chickens, pigs and a few cows)
        • Diverse Permaculture Orchardo Grain production (Corn mostly)
        • Medicinal herb and flower garden
        • Market garden
        • Slaughter/Post-harvest Facility
        • Farmstand/Farmers Market/CSA Drops


Fazenda Jacob aims to become a hub for education and transformation for the local farming community through regenerative agriculture techniques, engagement opportunities, nutrition education, and healthy food systems.


Our vision is to grow nutritious foods along with native species in agroforestry systems, in order to help expand the infrastructure for the processing, production and distribution of foods with high economic, ecological and nutritional value; regularly carry out educational and training efforts for Brazilians and attract international volunteer collaborators to the farm.


  • Strengthening the local community
  • Teaching & Cultural Exchange
  • Connection & Expansion
  • Regeneration & Technology
  • Empowering young people & women
  • Health & Wellbeing

About the farm

500 acres 30% of preserved native forest (above legal requirements), pasture and cultivation fields.

18th century Colonial Farm. In my family for 4 generations

Water  Access to high quality natural water

Port and airport 3 hours away

Legal documents All legal documentation, land surveying, and permits in place

Hospitability Potential to host events and ag expositions as well as volunteers

Requirements | Core Technical Competencies

Soil Health

  • Ability to assess and benchmark soil health in the field, conduct in-field soil sampling and interpret analysis of lab test results

Soil biology

  • Understanding of microbial activity and mycorrhizal fungi development and how to foster living communities in soil

Management Systems

  • Familiarity with no-till / cover crop implementation; ability to design tailored cover crop blends to address field-level soil conditions
  • Practical management knowledge and experience to guide farm crew; troubleshoot through
    regenerative transitions
  • Familiarity with the impact of holistic management grazing systems on soils
  • Interest, if not experience, in permaculture and development of perennial cropping systems; agroforestry and their applications

Regenerative / Organic Certifications

  • Functional understanding of organic; regenerative organic certifications, and the
    recordkeeping associated with each
  • Ability to fluently discuss what changes would be needed to achieve farm project goals

Contact Us

Fazenda Jacob 

Guilherme Moreira
Barbacena – MG, Brazil