Learn it. Live it. Teach it.

Freedom Farm Academy demonstrates regenerative food production & living.

Help your community become,


Inspire your community to take action:

      • Food Producing Landscapes
      • Poison Free Landscaping Services
      • Energy and Water Harvesting
      • Beekeeping & Ecosystem Ponds
      • Animal Integrations & MUCH more

Freedom Farm Academies can:

      • Strengthen your community with food stability
      • Create a unique, regenerative business
      • Turn waste streams into profit centers
      • Provide an experience that connects with nature
      • Contribute to an international network of academies
      • Educate and empower people to be FREE
      • Grow tons of food and teach others how

Freedom Farm Academy


Even if you are not an expert, we will teach you.

Our learning program includes:

  • Permaculture design certification
  • Business startup plan and coaching
  • Marketing best practices
  • Hands on training & installation
  • Collaborate with an international network


Live an off-grid lifestyle without compromise.

Save money, live healthy and become independent from centralized infrastructure.

  • Grow your own food
  • Harvest your own energy
  • Collect your own water
  • Create Local Strategic Partnerships
  • Normal expenses become profit centers


Demonstrate Regenerative Food Production & Living.

Inspire your community to live free and help them get started through:

  • Consulting, Design & Installation Services
  • Education and Private Tours
  • Local Strategic Partners & Affiliate Sales
  • Immersive overnight healing experiences
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